Building Blocks 2 Success Mission is to get ethnically and gender diverse at-risk youth from North and Northeast Portland excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through exposure and participation in STEM-related programs and activities.

bb2s-6Building Blocks 2 Success (BB2S) was founded in October 2013 but has been operating since 2008 on the principles of empowerment using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as the incentive for learning. STEM is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to learning. It’s hands on but it teaches a fundamental set of skills that promote life- long learning. It develops critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking skills using a series of STEM challenges that are both fun and educational by learning how to apply math and science content which are fundamentally related to success in college and careers. Careers in STEM fields are some of the highest paying jobs and are disproportionately under-filled by minority populations. BB2S aims to inspire youth’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. While BB2S serves all youth identified as underserved from lower economic stations, it has a priority focus on youth of color. BB2S is geared toward exposing underserved often overlooked youth with exposure opportunities to STEM related programs and activities with the purpose of getting them excited about STEM through creative, fun, team-building, and educational STEM related activities. BB2S serves youth from the North/Northeast Portland areas ages 4-14 years old and is a 12 week program in Spring and Fall.