Getting Involved

A robot rolls over a volunteerBuilding Blocks 2 Success welcomes a variety of support. Volunteers are always warmly received. We serve at any given time up to 25-30 youth in a classroom type setting where activities range from teaching basic core concepts, watching related videos, to creating basic blue prints, building LEGO inventions, sharing team activities in a public speaking style delivery, team activities, preparing for tournaments and building tournament robots. Volunteers are needed to assist with helping arrange the classrooms, transporting children, donating equipment and supplies, donating snacks and beverages, helping with enrollments and sign ups, and more. Cost per student begins at $50.00 and increases depending on the level of involvement and activity. Each team has 1-2 coaches who help support the team. A team is made up of 5-6 youth. Youth participate in field trips, exposure to STEM related companies, tournaments, and more. As a result, we welcome donations of any amount to assist us in creating rich experiences that have the potential for shaping their future. Types of support we accept include but are not limited to volunteerism, equipment, food, beverages, STEM company program visitation opportunities, fundraising support, money donations, scholarships for youth, coaching support, facilities, and assistance with transportation.

Become a Sponsor

  • Provide financial support to teams
  • Involve employees as Mentors, Coaches and/or Volunteers
  • Provide equipment, facilities and/or training


  • Builds technological literacy in youth
  • Strengthens company reputation in the community
  • Engages employees in volunteerism opportunities
  • Inspires future careers in STEM area

Become a Volunteer

  • Help children discover the fun in science and technology
  • Have a positive impact on the lives of children
  • Help celebrate science and technology
  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Be inspired and energized through your participation

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Coach or Mentor a team
  • Coordinate a team
  • Help with fundraising
  • Help to organize field trips/activities to expose youth to STEM

Become A Coach or Mentor

  • Empower children with a sense of accomplishment
  • Provide valuable one-on-one interaction
  • Be respected and admired by team members
  • Be inspired and energized through your participation