Community Impact

Two girls present their projectBuilding Blocks 2 Success operates in the heart of Northeast Portland, currently in classrooms donated by Concordia on the campus of Concordia University. This inner city connection allows students an opportunity to learn on a College Campus surrounded by an educational setting in the heart of a thriving community. Coaches, Parents, and youth come from all over the North/Northeast Portland area, and have since we were founded year and half ago. Because of this the business community as well as the educational community benefit in a variety of ways. Volunteers (through coaches and others) help to shape the development of young talent through STEM educational opportunities, youth get exposed to a collegiate environment on a campus where higher education and learning is promoted, the Concordia Campus is able to celebrate providing philanthropic support to a program and to youth in line with their mission for higher education and learning while simultaneously fueling their desire to one day attend college, and the surrounding Concordia Community benefit from having BB2S run our program in their community.